Turn Clients Into Members!

Looking for ways to increase your salon's client retention and guaranteed income? Envision Cloud Salon Software is here to help!


Client retention, guaranteed income, and excellent service are all aspects of business that most salon owners are striving for. Membership programs are a fantastic way to achieve these goals. With Envision Cloud, you can easily promote and sell memberships to your clients to retain their business!

Membership Programs as a Solutionwoman looking at membership on laptop

Are you struggling with client retention and inconsistent income? Membership programs can be an effective solution to these problems. Clients will be encouraged to book more frequently and further in advance if they feel that they are benefiting from their membership. Some perks to memberships can include discounted appointments, special packages, and loyalty points. This will keep your schedule booked and allow you to predict your income based on returning clients!

Membership Benefits 

Some salons may offer certain benefits to members who refer new clients. Adding a referral feature to your membership program can incentivize current members to spread the word about your awesome business. With a referral program, you not only reward your members for their loyalty, but also have the opportunity to get new clients in the door! 

Customize Your Memberships

Your clients are unique and certain features may work better for them than others. Before setting up your membership program, try asking some of your clients about which features they feel would be most beneficial and what would make them WANT to join. 


Remember, your goal is to turn clients into members. One of the best ways to do this is by listening to your clients’ needs and implementing them into the customization of your membership program.

Increasing client retention and guaranteeing income can be tricky obstacles to overcome, but membership programs are an easy way to show appreciation to your clients for their loyalty to your business. Envision Cloud offers many features that allow you to tailor your membership programs to your business’ and clients’ needs. Learn how to increase client retention and build membership programs with Envision Cloud by clicking HERE.




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