The Power of Pre-Booking!

Prearranging appointments benefit your Clients and Employees in several ways!

Advantages for Clients Include:

Earn and redeem loyalty points or discounts.
Maintain their ideal appearance.
Guarantee appointments with their favorite Artists and Stylists.
Financially plan for their next appointment.

Never worry about special occasions
because they will always look refreshed and ready.


So, how is pre-booking beneficial for YOUR business? 

piggy bank
1. Financial Security

Secured future potential revenue encourages and reassures your staff, especially when times are tough. Reserving specific services early on will also help you project future expenses or plan special inventory needs.


2. More Momentumproductivity

Higher productivity welcomes increased friendly competition. Incorporate features like our Performance Monitor Dashboards to show real-time employee statistics for goals you create through our Goal Tracking tools(available to Preferred & Ultimate users). You can also keep scoreboards in the break area and offer incentives like contests and giveaways. Use pre-booking as a way to develop team-building skills and reward your staff for all of their hard work!


3. Structure 

Impromptu appointments and walk-ins can negatively impact scheduled service times.

Taking charge of your booking calendar will improve your staff's time management and will increase efficiency.

calendar 2
Compared with spontaneous appointments and consultations, service predictability gives employees extra planning and preparation time for client needs. Pre-booking will also help your staff provide better service value, space to suggest add-ons, and creates better opportunities to invest in customer relationships.

celebrate 2

4. Client Retention

It takes time to build rapport with others. Naturally, the more you engage and connect with someone, the quicker that trust will develop. The same is true between your staff and clients. Routine bookings are beneficial because they will help establish confidence, connection, and client retention. 🎉


What's Next?

We understand how important pre-booking is for your success. Envision Cloud offers special reminder pre-book popup messages and ways to track your pre-booking percentages so you can take advantage of these powerful business tools today!




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