Reports to Improve Salon Sales

Reports are essential for your business to grow and thrive. Here are some important reports to run that will help you develop better insights into how your salon is performing.

Realistic women looking at Comparison reports for salon salesOur comparison reports allow you to determine any changes or improvements between two different date ranges. You can compare many different aspects of your salon through our 14 Sales by Comparison reports. Your business can grow and improve by utilizing these reports to gain decision-making insights.

Sales by Lead Source

Understanding which lead sources are bringing more sales to your salon will allow you to know best where to place your marketing efforts and budget. A lead source is the platform or channel where your customer learned about your salon. Nowadays there are many places you may be promoting your salon and its services and it really helps to know which of those platforms is prompting physical visits and therefore sales. graphic with Comparison reports for salon sales and graphs

Sales by Inventory

With so many opinionated influencers shifting the beauty products trends constantly, it can be hard to determine which products are maintaining popularity. Using our Sales by Inventory Comparison report, you can decide which products to keep in stock and which to retire.  This report helps with more than just physical retail, you can also determine which services are gaining momentum and performing the best. These insights can help you cultivate your service and retail offerings to best fit your clientele.

Sales by Client Realistic woman looking at Comparison reports for salon sales

Find out which client is your biggest spender. Check out how sales are developing over time based on your individual customers.  You can also determine your average order amount and any potential gaps in up-selling. Your salon software integrates into your client database, point of sale and payment processing to understand your client's purchasing habits.

Sales by Employee

Who is performing the best? You can review performance and employee growth to reward hard-working employees and coach staff who could use extra support. This report can be used to decide the employee of the month and identify employees that need improvement. You can set goals for your employees and reward progress based on real-time results.graphic with Comparison reports for salon sales and puzzle pieces

Our Comparison reports allow you to make strategic business decisions to boost sales. The more you know, the more you can use this data to strengthen your salon. Check out the rest of the Comparison Reports through the Reports tab on the Envision Cloud salon software to learn more about your salon's success.  


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