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Envision Cloud is here to help! Read our blog to learn about the brand-new feature we've released to help your business when you reopen!

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We know many people are faced with tough decisions when it comes to reopening their business. We recognize that your company will have to take certain precautions and safety measures to protect both your clients and employees. When that time comes, Envision Cloud has a few features to help your business:

"Send Client Checkin Notice” SMS Feature

We have launched a brand-new feature to help your business during this time. We added a “send client checkin notice” option on the Appointment Schedule. As many businesses are striving to limit the number of individuals in a space and continue social distancing, this new SMS option can allow clients to wait outside or in the safety of their cars and be notified when a service provider is ready for them. This feature can reduce the number of clients in the shop at once. It can also give your service provider the time to ensure their previous client exits and their workspace is properly sanitized for the next client.

**This feature requires Paid SMS.  Add SMS to your Envision Cloud account by visiting your Manage Account page. **

Confirmation options

Send Check In Notice

To Send a Client Checkin Notice:

Schedule > Appointments > Right-click on an appointment > Confirmation Options > Send Client Checkin Notice

Card on File Option

card on file

Within Envision Cloud, you can securely save a client’s card information to use for future transactions. We understand as service-based businesses re-open, handling payments safely is a concern. You can input client card information into their client profile and simply charge the saved card for services and retail items at the Sales Register by selected the "Card on File" payment type. This can help cut down on your staff having to handle client cards and clients having to physically interact with the credit card terminal. This feature is available with Preferred and Ultimate. You must also have an account with an Integrated Credit Card Processor. 

To input client card info: 

Clients > Client List > Edit CC On File 

Mobile Payment

Some EMV terminals do have the capability to accept payments from a digital wallet like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. This form of payment uses near-field communication that allows customers to perform purchases by placing their smartphone near a terminal. This could help reduce the traffic of frequent touch surfaces. To learn more about these options, reach out to your credit card processor.


Coping through these changes may be challenging, but we are working actively to support your business, your employees, and your clients. Safety is of our utmost concern. With these features, we hope Envision Cloud can help your business adhere to reopening guidelines. As times change, we will continue innovating for you, our users! 

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