Mobile Pay with Envision Salon!

Mobile payment optimizes the checkout process at your salon or spa. Your team and clients will love the convenience of completing transactions on the go!

Quick and Easy Payments

hand holding phoneToday, everyone has a smartphone. As a salon or spa owner, you can use this fact to improve your clients’ experience! Making the checkout process quicker and easier can go a long way with clients. In fact, a recent study shows that as much as 60% of people say they feel comfortable leaving the house without their wallets because of the implementation of digital wallets and mobile payment options. 

Mobile payment features are becoming the new normal, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. Some clients may feel more comfortable going contactless for checkouts and completing the process from their own mobile device. Envision Salon & Spa software can help you implement mobile payment! Envision’s Mobile Pay feature allows your clients to complete the entire checkout process from their very own mobile device. 

Mobile Wallets

Because so many people are relying solely on their devices for payments, it is important to be able to serve these clients. It can also help out clients who simply forget their wallets at home! With mobile payments, anyone with internet access can close out their ticket from inside the salon or spa, in their cars, cardsor at home. Convenience is key with this feature and convenience goes a long way with your team and clients alike! Your team will love it as they will be able to quickly send the client their ticket without having to take time away from their work to complete manual checkout at the front desk. Don’t worry though, they will still be tipped for their amazing service as Envision Mobile Pay offers a tipping option during checkout! 

Save Info Digitally

Your whole life is on your phone, right? Same goes for your clients! By implementing mobile payments, clients can keep record of every part of the checkout process, from saving credit cards to digital receipts. No more waiting at the front desk for a paper receipt to print or trying to get the plastic credit card to swipe properly. Envision Mobile Pay allows clients to save their credit cards on file for future transactions email icon blog post as well as receive an email receipt after checkout is completed. With everything on their mobile device, your clients will never lose a paper receipt or forget their credit card numbers ever again! Envision also makes it easy for salon or spa owners to effortlessly track their sales from mobile payments all in one place.



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