Make Your Salon Inclusive for Mental Health

Here are some tips on cultivating a safe space for customers having a difficult mental health day when visiting your salon or spa.

self care isnt selfishMental health has become more of a topic of conversation within the last few years. How is your salon catering to clientele having a difficult mental health day? Design a safe space for your customers so your salon can provide a better customer experience, for every client in any head space. Salons and spas are places where people come to relax, unwind, and feel good about themselves, and it is essential that customers feel safe and comfortable while they are at your business. Clients have become more open about their changing needs. Read more to discover some ways to make your salon more welcoming for those clients.

Encourage Staff

Train your staff on how to recognize and respond to customers who may be having a difficult mental health day. This can include providing them with information on common signs and symptoms of mental health conditions, as well as tips on how to communicate with customers in a sensitive and supportive manner. You can send an announcement through your Envision Cloud Salon Software to your stylists to alert your staff on any of the changes you want to implement and provide resources for a better understanding.

Respect Boundarieshappy mental health girl

Be respectful of customers' boundaries and let them know that they can communicate their needs and preferences. This includes respecting their privacy and avoiding asking personal questions or making assumptions about their condition. Your salon can even offer a "silent appointment" where your stylist can agree to avoid chit-chat with their client. Some clients prefer to zone out or listen to a podcast or music during their appointment rather than participating in the beauty salon standard of chatter. You can mark this down in the client notes on your salon software or you can even design a "silent appointment" on your service options with its own designated color.

Offer Resourcestake care of yourself

Provide information and resources on mental health support services and organizations in the area. This can include helplines, counseling services, and support groups. You can post these resources on community boards in your salon or hang up informational posters. There has been more awareness of the "angel cut" where a client requests this codenamed hairstyle to let the stylist know they are experiencing domestic violence and need assistance to acquire resources.

Chill Environment

Create an environment that is welcoming, relaxing and inviting. This can include having comfortable seating areas, soothing lighting, and peaceful music. You can also offer a "no mirror" appointment, also known as mirrorless appointments, for clients who prefer not to look at themselves the entire appointment. You can give your clients more of an exciting "Princess Diaries" reveal rather than watching them nit-pick all their perceived flaws for hours. You can add this style of appointment into your salon's online booking and announce your new service offer to clients through a marketing campaign.


Your salon can stand out from your competition by catering to more individuals who may not be completely comfortable with the industry standard for beauty appointments. The culture has shifted from beauty exclusivity to beauty inclusivity. Make sure your salon is apart of the change.


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