Make Marketing Matter!

Marketing is one of the most crucial functions of your salon or spa! Marketing connects you with current and potential clients to help you grow and maintain your business. 

Easily Connect With Clients

computer (1)Owning and operating a salon or spa is no easy task! That’s why business owners need to streamline as much of their daily operations as possible. The more you automate, the less you have to worry about! Emails and text messages are some of the quickest ways to reach a large network of clients. Sending everything from appointment reminders to birthday greetings can keep you connected to your community. With Envision Salon & Spa, you can automate these features. Simply set it, forget it, and let Envision do the connecting!

Market Your Reviews

Potential clients LOVE seeing how amazing your salon or spa is! Online reviews can be some of the best material you use to market your business. Positive reviews build trust and legitimacy in your salon or spa. social mediaFurthermore, how you respond to negative reviews can show how much you care for your community. Sharing and responding to these reviews can be extremely time consuming. Envision Salon & Spa allows you to manage all of your reviews from one place and the automated review request feature grows your reputation for you!


Customize Your Marketing

No two salons are the same. Your marketing materials shouldn’t be either! Your clients love your brand’s voice and that should be reflected in the messages you send out. However, it can be difficult to create engaging marketing messages from scratch. Envision Salon & Spa provides the tools you need, such as the Email Builder, to construct the perfect marketing messages for YOUR business. Let Envision help you get started on your marketing masterpieces! productivity


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