How to Reward Your Customers With Envision Cloud!

Combine Email Marketing Campaigns with Loyalty Programs to increase client retention.

Research shows that 82%* of people open welcome emails and that 75%* favor businesses that offer rewards.

Marketing Emails and Rewards are long-term marketing strategies, and when combined, they provide a holistic investment towards Client retention.

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The best way to approach measurable goals is to start with an outcome in mind.

Use demographics and reports to learn what goods and services your Clients purchase or value the most. The knowledge you gain by studying your data will help you determine what discount offers or memberships will gain the most traction; if it's for a product or service high in demand, your return will most likely be similar. You can apply the same principles to your Marketing Campaigns to maximize your time and effort.

Rewards vs. Memberships:

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While retention incentives are alike, Membership Programs typically target regular customers and grant exclusive offers to those who pay monthly (or any time-frame) subscription services. For example, you may decide to offer 10% off every purchase to top-tier subscribers as a courtesy for continuous support. Members can also earn Loyalty Points for these purchases to receive additional discounts in the future.

However, those who do not pay for a Membership will not receive the 10% off benefits that Members earn.


Unlike Memberships, Loyalty Points accrue by dollar amounts spent rather than dollar amounts prepaid.

crown icon blog postYou can customize the number of points your clients earn based on the services or retail items purchased. Then, based on the redeemable reward you set for your business, the Client can choose to "cash-out" points in return for discounted products or services or "save" them for a better discount later on.

The way you manage your Loyalty and Membership Programs is totally up to you. Whatever the case may be, Envision is here to help!

Now that you know about Loyalty and Membership Programs, you can effortlessly remind your customers of their benefits.

Show your customers what you have to offer.

trophyYour first email holds a lot of power. A simple, customized message saying "welcome" and "thank you" will make new guests feel recognized and valued. These emails are also unique opportunities to remind them of all the benefits you offer when they return for another service.

Anyone with Envision Cloud has access to our Marketing Campaigns. Our Campaign feature allows you to create personalized templates, target specific Clients, and view campaign statistics to know how many people viewed your messages.

The best part is that you can conveniently accomplish these strategies in one place. 

Envision Cloud's all-inclusive software empowers you to offer your Client's the best possible reward for visiting your business. Take advantage of these built-in features today and jump-start your path towards Client retention! 😀🎉

*Important Note: Loyalty Point Programs are available to all Envision Cloud Users. However, Membership Programs are only available in the Preferred & Ultimate editions of the Envision Cloud program. Some Reports and Campaign Filters are also only available in the Preferred & Ultimate editions. To upgrade, please contact our Sales Team at 800.231.9445 or

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