Fall 2022 Trends!

 The official start to autumn is just around the corner! As you start pulling out your sweaters and pumpkin decorations, Envision Salon and Spa is here to share this season’s beauty trends. Fall 2022 is shaping up to be an exciting season for hair and nails! It’s out with the old and in with the new this autumn! 

Fall 2022 Hair (3)Everyone loves the colors of autumn and this year, you should apply them to your clients’ hair! Copper is one of the most popular hair color trends this fall. To really follow the fall trends, try styling the shiny copper locks into a low bun or a 1970’s inspired cut. Speaking of shiny, that’s a fall 2022 trend all by itself! According to Who What Wear, shiny hair or “liquid hair” is all the rage among celebrities and supermodels who want to achieve a wet hair look. Copper is not the only popular hair color this fall, tweed blonde is also a trendy option. Adorn the tweed blonde locks with fun accessories such as bling-y or colorful clips for extra fall trendiness! 

Fall 2022 Hair (8)As far as cuts go, bangs and bobs are in for fall 2022! Bottleneck bangs go perfectly with a low ponytail  or bun and give the very popular 1970's look. If your client wants to channel a different decade, go for a 90's bob! Sharp, square shapes are what is needed to achieve this throwback cut!

Fresh nails are in order for fall 2022! Classic French tips and ruby red polish are staples in the nail art AND staples for this autumn! However, nontraditional styles are trending this year. According to Harper’s Fall 2022 Hair (4)  Bazaar and InStyle, shine isn’t just for the hair as glazed and chrome nails are a must-try for fall 2022.  If your clients are looking for something trendy but with color, suggest multicolored French tips! A fun spin on a classic manicure which is sure to please this fall. Accessories aren’t just for hair, stickers and rhinestones are also making the rounds in nail salons this fall. 

Fall 2022 Hair (7)If your clients aren't the bright or the bold type, khaki and neutral colored nails are the chic safe bet for fall 2022. However, to spice up the neutral look, consider a shade that has colorful undertones such as green. Neutral nails can transition you into any season!


Whether it is hair or nails or both, your clients will LOVE how in-the-know you are about this year’s fall trends! Share these tips with your fellow salon professionals and clients so everyone can achieve that perfect fall look!

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