Envision’s Enhanced Branded App

An Enhanced Custom App could be an essential part of your clients' experience!

Times are changing and so are the ways people are using their phones. So, let’s get into the trends and how your business can adapt! Staying ahead of the curve with tech can feel overwhelming, but your business can increase client engagement and offer exciting features with Envision Cloud’s Enhanced Branded App! You may be wondering what makes Envision Cloud’s Enhanced Mobile App so enhanced? To start, you get all the Branded App features! From there, the enhanced-exclusive features kind of speak for themselves! Let's check them out!

Capture Your Client’s Attention 

Push Notifications are a fantastic way to catch your client’s eye! Push notifications are notifications that pop up on a user’s phone screen and direct them to your branded app when clicked. Americans average 5.4 hours of screen time on their mobile phones daily. So why not reach them where they are? This marketing strategy can also be very engaging when used strategically! For example, offering exclusive or time-sensitive offers with Push notifications can encourage clicks and interaction with your business! 

Keep Your Clients Coming Back to Your App 

Alright, you’ve got them into the app! Now how to keep them coming back? Spin & Win is a fun way to encourage users to try their luck daily. Each user is allotted one spin per day to win a prize or promo discount from your business! No worries. You set the parameters of how often users can win. This in-app experience has the potential to draw in clients with the exciting idea of winning an exclusive offer.

Make Contactless Check Out Easy

Contactless is the name of the game today! The popularity of "contactless" transactions is expected to stick around even after the pandemic. With the Envision Cloud's Enhanced Branded App you have the option to require cards be saved on file during in-app appointment booking! This card will then be saved to their client profile and available for use during check out. This option can give your clients peace of mind about inputting their own card info and ensuring they’ve set up contactless payment for their upcoming appointment. 

Fill Your Last-Minute Appointments 

Cancellations popping up out of nowhere can really put a damper on things, but with the Envision Cloud Enhanced App, you can offer last-minute appointment booking opportunities at a discounted rate. This encourages users to book from the app and helps to fill holes in employees' books. Additionally, this method of appointment booking encourages users to check the app when they're looking to schedule, as they may across a surprise discount. It's really a win-win for all!


To learn more about the Envision Cloud's Enhanced App: www.envisiongo.com/mobile-apps.html

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