Build a Welcoming Space

Discover how you can cultivate an inclusive and welcoming environment within your salon by implementing pride alliance initiatives with your team and the help of your salon software.

Creating an inclusive and welcoming environment is vital for any business, and the salon industry is no exception. As the world celebrates diversity and embraces the LGBTQ+ community during Pride Month, it's an ideal time to evaluate your options of implementing pride inclusive initiatives within your salon or barbershop. Additionally, you can leverage your salon software as a powerful tool in fostering inclusivity, streamlining operations, and ensuring every client feels valued and respected. In this blog, we'll explore some practical ways you can reflect on your values of inclusivity and equality and create a safe space for all clients.

Gender Neutral Serviceshappy nonbinary salon customer

A big part of salon services is the standard of service titles, including a "women's haircut" or a "men's haircut". You can become more inclusive with your salon services by charging clients based on service time or length of the client's hair. You can adjust the pricing structure to be determined by the stylist's experience level or technique used, such as clippers vs. scissors. You can craft a genderless menu and rename services without calling out the client's gender. This approach involves rethinking traditional service menus and terminology, focusing on providing services that cater to individual needs rather than assigning them to a specific gender.

Gender-Inclusive Booking Options

Traditional salon booking systems often limit clients to select binary gender options when scheduling appointments. However, our salon software allows you to introduce gender-inclusive booking options. In Envision, you can remove gender as being a required field when a client books an appointment. Or conversely, you could provide non-binary or gender-neutral choice, such as "Other" to give all clients options to comfortably express their gender identity. Additionally, you can offer the option to schedule with "First Available" staff without specifying "First Available Male" or "First Available Female," if you have staff that would prefer to be referred to without gender.

Preferred Pronoun Trackingask about my pronouns

Respecting someone's gender identity includes using their preferred pronouns. Educate your staff on pronouns and invite them to include their pronouns in their introductions and display them at their stations or on their name tags. On your online booking site, there is an option to have clients leave a note when booking, you can encourage clients to list their preferred pronouns. This information can be stored in the client's profile with popup notes to appear when booking, at check in and when cashing out, allowing salon staff to address them correctly and demonstrate their commitment to inclusivity.

Diversity Training and Educationgender affirming haircut

Salon software can be a valuable tool for providing ongoing training and education to salon staff on LGBTQ+ inclusivity and sensitivity. Utilize the software's communication features to share educational resources, conduct quizzes or surveys, and organize workshops or webinars. By fostering a culture of learning and awareness, you empower your team to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

LGBTQ+ Representation in Marketing

Your salon software can play a significant role in your marketing efforts. Consider featuring LGBTQ+ models or showcasing diverse couples and families in your marketing materials. With Envision's software, you are empowered with easy customization of promotional emails and a library of free images to include in your communications that represent your message. By representing the LGBTQ+ community in your marketing, you send a powerful message of inclusivity and attract clients who align with your values.

Inclusive Environment

Your salon's ambience can foster a sense of belonging for all clients. One significant aspect of this inclusivity is the implementation of gender-neutral bathrooms. fun rainbow hair braidsBy providing gender-neutral facilities, you can demonstrate your commitment to creating a safe and comfortable space for everyone, regardless of their gender identity. Additionally, consider incorporating pride-themed decorations or artwork throughout the salon, such as pride flags or queer inspired or queer commissioned signage. Creating an environment that visibly celebrates diversity sends a powerful message of acceptance, allowing clients to feel not only welcome but also proud of who they are. The Dress Code Project is an alliance committed to gender-affirming hair care. You can display their decal to show alliance with their mission.

Incorporating pride inclusive initiatives within your salon business is a powerful way to create an environment that celebrates diversity and ensures everyone feels welcome. Salon software can be a valuable tool in implementing these initiatives, from changing the standards for online booking to sprucing up your physical salon space. By embracing these initiatives, you not only foster inclusivity but also attract a broader client base that appreciates your commitment to equality. Let this Pride Month be the catalyst for positive change within your salon, where every individual feels seen, valued, and celebrated.


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